Local Art

Local Art is the the pulse check of our community.

We support local artists and are happy to show vibrant work at our cafes for
the viewing pleasure of our employees and customers.


Our shows generally last for three months. To submit your work for consideration: Email 5 images, including dimensions and medium, artist statement and resume/bio to: art@flyingstarcafe.com.

Our Local Artist Partners

We reserve the right to choose work based only on our taste and preferences. Content of art must be family-friendly. Once your work is selected, our consultant will contact you to make arrangements.

Our artwork consultant, Alyssa Metoyer, is a senior student at the Southwest University of Visual Arts. She is pursuing a bachelors degree in Interior Design with a minor in marketing and advertising. Her work is influenced by the idea that if given the right conditions we have the ability to create change within our community. This idea has led her to work with organizations like Habitat for Humanity and TEDxABQ.

We do not sell artwork displayed in our cafes nor do we ask for a commission. All sales transactions are to be handled through the artist and purchaser.


Artists must bring the pieces ready to hang; framed and wired including any preparation that is necessary. Pieces must hang securely so please bring them properly prepared. Artists also provide copies of any artist information to make available to our customers and labels that include title, artist name, contact information, and price. A representative of Flying Star Cafe accompanies artists to hang selected pieces. Shows rotate every three months. We cannot be responsible for theft or damage while art is on display. Artists are responsible for removing their work.

Flying Star Nob Hill

Hamad Emami

Flying Star Juan Tabo

Kerry Bergen

Flying Star Paseo

Neecy Twinem

Hamad Emami | Flying Star Nob Hill

Hamed Emami is a senior fine arts student from the Southwest University of Visual Arts that believes in showing the similarity between the beautiful and the unattractive. His exaggerated atmospheres enhance the psychology of the characters, the emphasis in contrast and organic textures exposes the extreme human emotions; emotions that are less glorified, such as terror, anger, anguish and madness. His image of the monster becomes a reminder of the monster that lives in each of us.

Kerry Bergen | Flying Star Juan Tabo

Kerry Bergen considers herself a diverse artist. She has made many different bodies of work, all reflecting how she views people, which she considers her main concentration. Her technique goes from abstract drawings, to pop art and folk art.

She defines her creativity through the natural world which we live. She sees the bright vivid beauty of the world and translates it into bold colorful stories. The colors she sees are energy that radiates from us all. Spontaneity is how she perceives doing anything in life – to just do. When approaching an idea, she works off of instinct. This results in genuine expression of her intention. This series parallels pop art comics, fashion models and her own satirical view of energy the persona transmits. Color is her first consideration when creating these characters; to exaggerate the moment to create an ambiance of comedy and confusion.

Neecy Twinem | Flying Star Paseo

Neecy Twinem is a fine artist, toy designer, academic professor, and an author/ illustrator of over 31 children’s books published in several languages.  Neecy has been working as a professional illustrator, author, artist and instructor for over 24 years, as well as have given presentations at numerous school, libraries, conventions and conferences across the country. She launched her children’s book career with her first title: Aye-Ayes, Bears and Condors, An ABC of Endangered Animals and Their Babies, published in 1994 by Scientific American Books for Young Readers. In 2010, she developed a brand trademark, ZOMBIEZOO® including the design, manufacturing and release of a plush toy line and book which has attracted international attention.